The holidays are here!

The holidays are here, and for some people that involves getting gifts for little ones. With different trends, age recommendations, educational aspects, and personalities, picking out the right gift can be challenging, no matter who it is for.  In my own flight to find a gift this year, I stumbled upon a toy company called ‘Fat Brain Toys’.  Yes, that is their actual company name.  Putting their name aside, the company has ‘toys for children with special needs’ and provides unique categories for their entire selection of toys ranging from Autism, Brain Injury, and Dyslexia, to Oral Motor Ability, Fine Motor Skills, and Self-Esteem.  Although I believe many of these toys are appropriate for children of all types, not just children with special needs, I found it very admirable for the company to consider how different children can benefit from different types of stimulation they get with a toy.   With categories such as ‘Life Skills’, ‘Sportsmanship’, and ‘Self-esteem’, these toys are a great idea for any child needing some extra support in a specific area.  It was a great reference to finding perfect and unique gifts for all the perfect and unique children on your list!

Here is a link to their site:

Vanessa Lemminger, M.A., LMFT 53937
Marriage and Family Therapist

2 responses

  1. Vanessa,

    I ordered a gift for a one year old from Fat Brain Toys and they are great. Nice blog. Hope you guys are well out there in paradise!


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